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What makes cars lighter?

The worldwide automotive industry is facing increasingly tougher restrictions on CO2 emissions. A lightweight solution using Tepex and Durethan from LANXESS has been featured in the Clarity Fuel Cell FCV, the latest model of hydrogen electric vehicle from Honda Motor Co.

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LANXESS plans acquisition

Read more about the announced plans to acquire US-based Chemtura Corporation on our special website.

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Multifaceted quality

Quality must be verifiable and satisfy objective functionality, safety and reliability criteria. In the first instance, quality assurance ensures that quality is inherent in the product from the outset. But that is not enough. All the processes involved in making a product must gel together to deliver excellence.

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QUALITY WORKS. Chemistry and Music

As part of the company’s global efforts to develop a sustainable society, LANXESS has been supporting young talent in different fields such as art and science. LANXESS has been working with Japan’s most renowned conductor, Seiji Ozawa, through its support of OICMA since 2011, and also through its support of the Saito Kinen Festival’s Opera for Young People.

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Parisian Chic

LANXESS gives the pride of France its famous color - the Eiffel Tower is painted with a special proprietary coating and quality pigments from Bayferrox.

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Acquisition planned

Multifaceted quality

Chemistry & Music

Parisian Chic

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